At RSM Interiors, we know a home can be many things: a place to rest, a place to play, a place to enjoy one’s hobbies, and more. Our team of interior designers can create expressive and functional spaces for all areas of your home, including unique rooms such as mudrooms, play areas, crafting rooms, offices, wine cellars, and more.

Many of the work, play, and outdoor spaces that we’ve designed for are among are most remarkable projects. Designing for such spaces really hones in on understanding family and individual interests, styles, wants, and needs. For busy young families, some of our favorite projects include play spaces for children, with fun yet practical details like oversized chalkboards, attractive yet useful storage, and customized, whimsical tables and chairs.

Our interior designers have witnessed the popularity of mudrooms. This is a perfect example of how we’ll work to combine aesthetics with client needs. As with today’s kitchens, these new workhorse spaces are designed to accommodate active life styles. We are capable of customizing shelving and open-style lockers, balancing this with softer style elements in a way that is both practical yet attractive.

At the other end of the style spectrum, our work encompasses adult craft rooms that reflect a streamlined, calming space for the perfect adult retreat. Or perhaps our clients are wine connoisseurs. We can incorporate wine storage needs with elegant display, creating a space that moves beyond storage to become a spot to relax and enjoy one’s hobby in a relaxing leather seating area. Or perhaps a film aficionado would like their own home theatre, blending the best of the movie going experience with comfort and luxury. Whatever your dream room is, we can design it.

The design team at RSM Interiors understands that home, life, and style move beyond the house’s interior, and we can design for porches, patios, and pool areas, creating an outdoor living space that blends the comfort of the indoors with the beauty of the outdoors.

Our work at RSM also extends to more traditional “work” spaces, be it an elegant home office, or a multi-functional office space.

Whatever your needs may be, our team will provide full attention to design elements for your work and play areas to create a space that truly reflects who you are. As we plan alongside you, our wish is to create, beautiful, livable rooms that truly allow your personality and style to shine.