At RSM Interiors, our goal is to work with our clients to create attractive, comfortable spaces in their homes that reflect their unique personality and stand the test of time. The ultimate compliment is to hear our clients say they feel good about coming “home” to their house. Designers Rosemary Rariden Cotter, Jill Schumacher, and Michelle Mio can bring their years of experience designing beautiful and timeless homes to any living space, providing clients with the ultimate living space.

At RSM Interiors, we define the term “living space” as any space where families can congregate and make memories, or get comfortable. A foyer, great room, or simply a reading nook in a landing can be a living space. Regardless of the living space we are working with, whether it is one room or part of a whole home design, our first priority as a designer is the client. The jumping point for any design and decorating project is meeting with our client, and discussing their needs, desires, and style. The term “style” can be elusive, but simply by meeting, talking, and sharing ideas, we can learn about likes, dislikes, and lifestyles, helping you discover a style that is functional and reflective of you. Whether you are an adventurer, edgy and artsy, or layback and relaxed, getting a sense of who you are is the first step in transforming your space into something personal, usable, and truly “home”.

The design team of Rariden, Schumacher, and Mio have witnessed living spaces evolve beyond the traditional “parlor”. Living spaces can encompass any area of our home where we live, rest, meet, or entertain, whether that space is a more traditional, formal parlor, a casual great room, a quiet den, elegant dining area, or cheerful sunroom or deck. Over time, we have seen homes evolve to be more open, with one living space flowing into another, and many of our clients yearn for a more casual, livable look that still reflects taste and style. Spaces flow from one to another, and our expertise as decorators can ensure that elements of style, such as color, fabric, pattern, and even architecture details such as trim work and hardware, flow in a cohesive way.

Many of our clients already have a sense of what they want in their living spaces; our job is to help with the specifics of design, which for living spaces typically includes elements of scale, layout, furniture and accessory selection and acquisition, as well as honing in on color, pattern, and fabric. As designers, we have the knowledge and resources to assist with acquisition of furniture, lighting, drapery, and more, often working directly with wholesalers and craftsman for the best of quality and price. If you are looking to integrate heirloom family pieces or collectables with a more up-to-date overall style, we possess the artistic eye to create a seamless, transitional style that incorporates such personal pieces. At RSM Interiors, we feel that anything is possible when it comes to home design, and can even work to create custom pieces for any area of your home. Some popular features we have worked to create for our clients include custom lighting for living and dining areas, one-of-a-kind furniture, and practical and attractive build-ins for shelving and display.

At RSM, we work with many clients who feel that the needs for their living spaces have changed, and we often design alongside renovations. For example, if a client feels there is no longer a need for a formal parlor, we can work to transform a parlor into an office space. Working alongside architects and understanding the nuts-and-bolts of your home from the frame up, with can start with the “bones” of any renovation design project, assisting with lighting and material needs, such as flooring and paint, as we work alongside you and other team players to update your living spaces to something stylish, usable, and a solid investment that will stand the test of time.

Our portfolio of finished living spaces showcases timeless, beautiful furnishings, comfortable sitting areas, and a balance of color, pattern, and unique accessories and art. More importantly, we are proud that for our clients, they represent who they are, their lifestyles and personal tastes, with designs that are a mix to look well-traveled, sophisticated yet comforting, and interesting. When you work with the designers at RSM Interiors, you can be assured your living spaces feel like the home you’ve always wanted for years to come.