Today’s kitchens are both the heart and workhorse of the home, and the design team of Rosemary Rariden Cotter, Jill Schumacher, and Michelle Mio at RSM Interiors have the design know-how to ensure this room has both style and functionality for years to come.

Many words can be used to describe kitchen styles today: modern farmhouse, transitional, or contemporary, to name a few. But as with all home design projects the designers at RSM Interiors take on, your style begins with you: identifying your lifestyle, functional and cooking needs, budget, and desires. No matter what word ultimately describes the finished project, our communication with our clients is critical to defining your vision.

Working alongside builders and architects, the RSM team can create your dream kitchen. We have extensive experience in designing kitchens from the “ground” up and are able to assist in decision making at all levels. At the nuts and bolts level, we can assist in tweaking layout and guiding clients through the myriad of decisions that kitchen design and renovation require. What style or color of cabinetry? What should the hardware be? What tile work or countertop material—granite, marble, quartz, or others? Our design mastery will help ensure long term satisfaction and value. Our designers also possess the artistic eye to find the perfect paint and color schemes throughout your kitchen, incorporating finishing touches that complete the kitchen design, including furniture, upholstery selection, window treatments, artwork, and accessories.

Many or our clients come with a good sense of their wish list and needs; our expertise enables them to streamline decision making, and transform their ideas into reality. Given our relationships with suppliers, craftsmen, and builders, anything is possible for your kitchen. We can incorporate unique work stations within the kitchen to reflect both the kitchen’s traditional use as a place to cook and prepare meals, as well as it’s many other uses as the heart of the home. Our work has included designing mini-work areas such as wet bars, coffee and espresso bars, desk/office spaces, and baking spaces. Custom made nooks and sitting areas can add character and depth to a kitchen, as well as customized architectural details.

As always, we keep your lifestyle and the rest of your home in mind when designing, whether we are designing for a larger kitchen with an open floor plan, or a sleeker contemporary style. Whatever the scale of the kitchen project, the designers at RSM Interiors can create a kitchen that you are proud to cook and entertain in, and provides a beautiful, livable style that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.