At RSM Interiors, our designers marry the best in design and function to create a unique, relaxing space that is both functional and stylish for your bed or bath. A master bedroom and bath often are an extension of one another in terms of client needs and desires, and we will work at any stage of building, renovation, design, or decorating to create a space you love.

With bathrooms, we get involved in the design process as early as possible, often working alongside builders to start with the “skeleton” needs of bathroom design. From a practical point, this means assisting in the selection of plumbing, hardware, and lighting. From a designer point of view, we will look at the big picture of your personal style and needs, which can include unique features such as his-and-her’s vanities, a separate “water closet” for the toilet, floating tubs, showers with built-in features, and unique tile work. From a more practical standpoint, we will assist in using space well, whether we are working with a larger area or a smaller one.

“Powder rooms,” or a traditional half-bath, can also reflect your individual personality. Through unique or customized lightening, vanities, sinks, color or artful wallpaper, this smaller space permits a variety of individual styles to shine, be it a more elegant, traditional space, something zen-like.

Our design work with bathrooms at RSM have included one-of-a-kind layout and design for bathroom needs beyond the ordinary, such as bathrooms for guest home that merge a larger, organizational need for multiple persons, with a fun, personalized style that make your guests feel at home.

In designing for your master bedroom, we will assist you in creating a retreat-like bedroom that is unique to you. Our designers can customize headboards, drapery, sitting areas, and more for master bedrooms. As with all our designs, we’ll begin by getting to know you and your personal style and needs to create a haven that reflects you, be it elegant and classic, or streamlined and contemporary. The RSM design team also loves to design for nurseries and children’s rooms, using basic design principles that can help a room for a toddler today transition into a tween’s bedroom tomorrow.

As always, at RSM Interiors, our wish is to help create practical, livable spaces that reflect your personality and life-style, and provide a style investment that you can enjoy for years to come.